Sparkling nail polish:

Sparkling nail polish is perfect for glitzy night outs, summertime fun and can also be sported during formal functions. What makes them really lovely in the moonlight would be how they reflect the light and provide some sparkle to otherwise drab, colorless nails. Another great thing about sparkling nail polish is that with the right color, it can provide a fun, summery look.

For the grand function, opt for sparkling nail polish in shades of bright red, gold, green or silver. For formal night outs, go for something a little more toned down; consider beige, pearl and tan or something sexy like dark red. For the sparkling summer look, go for something light and bright, reflecting the ocean, like different shades of blue. Shades and hues of orange, green and yellow are also great summer choices.


My own simple designs and this was my first design which i painted on my nails.

Colors of joy

Rangoli are traditional Indian geometrical patterns used to ward off evil spirits. The Hindi name Rangoli means a row of colours.Many rites and rituals have been used in the past in India to please the deities and bring peace and harmony to the home. One such tradition to ward off evil spirits was the drawing of Rangoli's on the floor near the main doorway to the house. Rangoli, a spiritual art form has been widespread all over India. The Hindi name Rangoli, is a joining of two different words - rang and avalli which means a row of colours. Rangoli is one of the most common art forms in India and can also be used on walls, as well as floors as art. Rangoli are also sometimes known as Alpana, Aripana, Madana, Chowkpurana or Kolam.

Rangoli is a popular art form among Indian women. Rangoli are painted on the ground in front of houses using rice powder -- sometimes supplemented by flower petals and other colorful materials. Rangoli are typically painted during the tamil month of Maarkazhi (between December 15th and January 15th).

During the month of Maarkazhi, the Goddess Andal prayed to Lord Thirumal to marry her. Her wish came true and others also began to pray to have the husband of their dreams. During this month, unmarried women paint rangolis to welcome Lord Thirumal in hopes that they will have the same good fortune as Andal.

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