White flowers with face tissues

These flowers are made up of with white soft face tissues.

Crepe paper flowers

Make your own flowers with crepe paper or Origami paper or Tissue paper and this is a good way to let loved ones know your true feelings or may be even someone that you would like to make amends with and give them a nice surprise by sending them something you have made, make some crepe paper flowers and send a message. 

Meaning of some flowers:

Red rose flowers:  Is known for love and romance and a great way to say "I Love You".

Yellow rose:  A yellow rose brings a feeling of warmth and happiness as a feeling of friendship toward someone.

Pink rose:  These are a symbol of grace and elegance.  This is a way of expressing your admiration of someone 
                 you care.

Orange rose:  Orange roses bring on a meaning of passion and excitement with an expression of a fiery romance.

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